Amongst the Thugs


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released February 25, 2016

Fizzy – vocals
Kirby – rhythm guitar
Eddy – drums/lead guitar
Eazy – organ/backup vocals
Bewee Doogy – bass/backup vocals

Recorded February 19-22, 2016
En el año de nuestra Señora de la Sombra



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CRIMINAL Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: What I Want
(composition: Eddy / Lyrics: Fizzy)
when I was just a young scrap
my path was damned
a straight up story
alas here I stand
path aimed at making money
what is the next plan

damned if I do
damned if I don’t
so I just might as well
take what I want
Track Name: Goodbye my Love
(composition/Lyrics: Fizzy)
can’t stand living without you snortin up my pain
ive had plenty of sex but it isn’t the same
one night stands and whiskey bottles
I didn’t get your name
I don’t know you, but I love you.
Track Name: Sueno de Ti
(composition/Lyrics: Fizzy)
te voy a matar
voy a matar a tu familia
tu muerte es mi fuerza
no digas mi nombre
solo teme la santa muerte
tu muerte es mi fuerza

cada noche sueno de ti
quiero probar tu sangre
no te odio, te niego
tu muerte es mi fuerza
Track Name: Criminal Bootboys
(composition: Eddy / Lyrics: Fizzy)
I deserve to be in jail
thinking thoughts of pure criminal
but I cant stop myself
each person that crosses me gets dealt
a losing hand in spades
where I am the dealer
and the house will get paid

we are
Track Name: Ode to my Skimask
(composition: Eddy / Lyrics: Fizzy)
skimask kept in tow
always needed throughout life
when I’ll need it no one knows
burglary or assault with a pipe
what is hidden under clothes
maybe pistol maybe knife
but my mama told me
aint no such thing as a fair fight

I take this mask to wear for life
wear it true and wear it right
hide who I am aid me in flight
and ill be true to you for life
Track Name: Just Tryin' ta Get Right
(composition: Eddy / Lyrics: Fizzy)
ready to get right tonight
going drinking with the crew
in the city looking for a fight
(be)cause were coming after you(under street lights)
just trying oi oi to get right oi oi out looking oi oi for a fight oi oi